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The South Western School District is dedicated to providing a continually improving educational environment, through a cooperative effort with the family and the entire community, in which all students are encouraged and expected to achieve their full potential, to express themselves clearly, to think reflectively, and to interact responsibly in preparation for lifelong personal growth.

Adopted October 24, 1990
Revised March 25, 2002



Learners have a voice and choice for self-directed, customized learning supported by a caring and progressive network of educators.



• All students are unique, can be successful and are entitled to a quality education that will help each to reach his or her greatest potential.

• Every staff member has the responsibility to be a model of effective communication, cooperation, and lifelong learning.

• Quality education requires the cooperation and support of students, parents, staff, and the community.

• Responsible behavior is nurtured in a learning environment that provides opportunities for students to make and be held accountable for their decisions.

• Quality education provides a myriad of learning opportunities that helps each student develop confidence, teamwork, and compassion for others.

• The school environment must always be safe and promote the ideas of respect for others, a strong work ethic, and self-discipline.

• The utilization of new methodologies and technologies is essential to providing students a quality education in a constantly changing world.

• Effective teaching addresses individual differences, promotes self-esteem, and encourages students to maximize educational opportunities.

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