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Sapphire Community Portal Help



Login to the Sapphire Community Portal Here

Parent Users Guide (PDF)

Get Adobe Reader The parent user guide requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click on the link to download the reader.

Availability of Information
Parents of students at South Western School District will have access to student attendance grading and report card information via the Community Portal. Parents of students at the elementary level will have access to student attendance and the report card.  The website is: Teachers generally update grade information once a week.

Parent Login Accounts
A Community Portal login account is comprised of a username, password and security pin code.  With a parent account, multiple students in the same family may be "bundled" together under one login. To apply for an account, click on the "Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form" link on the Community Portal login page.  A district keyword of "mustangs" is required to access the form.

 Tips for applying for a Community Portal Account:

  • Turn OFF Pop-up Blockers when accessing the site
  • Make sure to PRINT the application, sign it, and turn it in to your child's school office/fax in/or drop off at Admin Office
  • Only ONE application is needed per family
  • Write down you username and password and keep it in a safe place
  • Due to the high volume of applications, it is taking about one week to process the applications
  • Once approved, your PIN number will be sent via email to the address on the application from the sapphire portal.

Student Usernames and Passwords
Students can create their own account. They will do this in the 6th grade with their Guidance Counselors.  

Add students to existing accounts
Parents can request access to additional students through the Community Portal.
For parents to request access:

1) Click either your name in the upper-left of the screen or on the 'Account' link on the bottom of the screen.
2) Under 'Parent Information' click on 'Request Access to New Students'
3) Fill in the name, grade level, and birthday of the students you wish to request access for.
4) Click the 'Submit Request' button.
5) When the request has been approved you will receive an email

Lost Username, Password, PIN
For security reasons, the district will not disclose any account information over the phone. If you lost or forgot your password, click on the forgot your password link on the Community Portal login page.  If you lost your username or PIN please contact Shari Dusman at 717-632-2500 ext 20009 for assistances.

Sapphire Software is certified for use with many browsers.  Sapphire's recommended browsers, in order, are:

  • Firefox 12
  • Google Chrome 19
  • Safari 5*
  • Internet Explorer 9
* Safari only partially supports colors and styles.

Other browsers and more recent versions of the specified browsers should work, but may create pages that look slightly different and some functionality may not be as expected.  Sapphire cannot guarantee the functionality of browsers outside of Sapphire's recommended browsers and versions.

Note: Beta browsers will not be supported until after they are officially released and have been fully tested with Sapphire Products.

Note: Sapphire Products support both the stated browser versions above and the previous browser level.


Windows AntiVirus, Spyware and System Patches
We strongly encourage all Windows users to keep their AntiVirus software up-to-date and apply all security patches released by Microsoft. Note that various Windows SpyWare programs are know to interfere with proper web page display. Windows users should also consider running an anti-SpyWare program such as AdAware or Spybot on a regular basis. (Examples of SpyWare programs include CometCursor, Cydor, Alexa, and Xupiter.) A free Anti-Virus software package is available from AVG and may be downloaded here. Home users are also encouraged to stay abreast of Microsoft system patches via Windows Update.

Browser Cookies & Pop-Up Windows
Please note that in order for the Community Portal to function properly, Cookies must be accepted for via your web browser. Sapphire may utilize pop-up windows to notify users of important information and announcements. For this reason, please turn off any pop-up blocking software you may use when you enter the website and turn it back on after you log out. Sapphire never uses pop-ups for advertisements.

Questions, problems, and suggestions regarding the Community Portal can be directed to:


225 Bowman Road, Hanover, PA 17331  |  Phone: 717-632-2500 Fax: 717-632-7993
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